1.4 Card Rally on the diverse Ökowerk site

Duration: individually 1 to 1.5 hours

Bookable: all year round

Grade level: 3rd to 10th grade

Costs: rental fee 20 €  

The Ökowerk site is characterised by a great variety of structures. Whether at the ponds, in the garden, at the orchard meadow or anywhere else - there is something exciting and fascinating to discover everywhere on the site.

This card rally leads to the 30 multilingual display boards, which are distributed around the site and provide a deeper insight into the different habitats. The pupils solve various tasks independently at each display board. Among other things, they venture a look into the pond, learn about the nettle as a butterfly oasis and find out interesting facts about the two habitats of dragonflies. Other display boards provide tips on natural gardening and explain why a green roof is a great air conditioning system.

In addition to a variety of insects and birds – depending on the weather and with a bit of luck – lizards and grass snakes can also be observed.

Note: A box of materials is available for conducting the card rally. Educational supervision by the Ökowerk team is not provided.

Enquiries via 030 30000 50 or info(at)oekowerk.de

Please state the following in your enquiry:
Booking number 1.4, desired date, class level, number of pupils